I am from Hakusan city (former Mikawa town), Japan
I speak Japanese, English, and basic Finnish
I was in Finland for a year when I was 17
I came to England to study when I was 19
I met my husband when I was 20
I had a long-distance relationship with my husband for 2 years between UK and Japan
I got married in 2002
I have a wonderful husband and two lovely children
I feel like 30 years old

I am Capricorn
I am blood type O positive
I am a believer of karma

I love my family
I love people with good heart
I love Canva
I love Japanese food
I love Umeshu (plum wine)
I love mulled wine
I love to think positive things
I love to stay positive
I love plants, but not good at looking after them

I enjoy trying different foods
I enjoy watching YouTube
I enjoy editing videos
I enjoy designing
I enjoy creating digital arts 
I enjoy travelling
I enjoy being with my family

I don’t like people who judge people without knowing the person
I don’t like negativity
I don’t watch TV
I don’t swear…. Is Shxt a swear word? If so, I do

I hate cockroaches
I hate natto 

That’s it…