Video Editing

Some of the video editings/creations I have done

🎞 January 2022

This is the third video I have created/edited for my lovely friend Jyoti Rajdev who runs Jotty’s Online Workshop. Check out other videos from her YouTube channel.

🎞 23 December 2021

I had the pleasure of joining the “Advent Calendar Competition 2021 with Esther” again in 2021. I’ve made this video to post to offer two prizes on 23 December.

🎞 9 March 2021

Our first video of Project 39 – from Peterborough UK. 19 of my Peterborough friends/family joined me with their THANK YOU messages.

Thank you for sharing your love ❤

🎞 November 2020

I’ve started to learn video editing in 2020 and this is one of the first videos I’ve created for my Serviced Accommodation business.